…is a program to discover the multitude of the Berlin art scenes through an intensive series of talks and walks through the city. The next one is coming up Nov. 24. – 27. 2015. Decoding Berlin was initiated and organized by Kathy Rae Huffman, Nika Radić and Dr. Judit Bönisch.  The focus lies on places beyond mainstream institutions and exhibition sites, in order to discover people, ideas, projects and spaces that few people, apart from insiders,  will be aware of.  The experience is unique, being based on profound knowledge and extensive personal networks of the organizers.

During the week, we show many ways in which contemporary art is being created and presented in one of today’s most important international art centers. The project participants, who are themselves art professionals or should at least have a deep interest and considerable previous knowledge about contemporary art, will meet artists, gallerists, curators, publishers and others who are active contributors in Berlin. What is happening behind the scenes will be discussed daily, offering the participants the possibility to learn from the experiences of those working in this vibrant city, which requires many survival skills and solutions to today’s art world challenges.